We are a Team of Internet Experts and Enthusiasts specialised in helping Web Publishers

Earn more,

get more Audience and

create the wonderful User Experience

Visitors will Fall in Love with.

Gregor Ackermann | CEO at 234 Ltd.

What makes us Unique is this:

We help publishers, but We are Publishers as Well. We started many successful Publishing Websites.That’s why we’re Super Eager to find out what works best. We know many tricks on how to engage visitors and how to Earn Plenty while not compromising User Experience.

Are You Web Publisher? If so, read on.


Revenue Optimisation
Some Websites drive a lot of Traffic but struggle in monetizing. We help by setting up Ad networks in a custom way that will be tailored specifically for your Site.

We spend a lot of time studying Google Adsense possibilities, so our Clients could benefit from highest RPMs. We also work with Premium networks.

Usability optimisation
Do you find your Visitors leaving Website soon? Would you like them to make more page views? After Users consume content they came for they usually leave. That is unless we trigger their interest to explore more. At 234 Ltd. we mastered this problem and even created a custom WP plugins to engage Users. We visually record traffic, set up Google Events and so much more.

Wordpress optimisation
Are you using WordPress? Well, lucky you! WordPress is most widespread, diverse and supported CMS. And there are people who know exactly how it needs to be set, what plugins should be used. We love to speed up WordPress sites and make them SEO friendly. We also love to set up Automatic Newsletters for your readers, Exit Call Actions to improve interaction and much more.

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