We are a Team of Internet Experts and Enthusiasts specialised in helping Web Publishers

Earn more,

get more Audience and

create the wonderful User Experience

Visitors will Fall in Love with.

Gregor Ackermann | CEO at 234 Ltd.

What makes us Unique is this:

We started many successful Publishing Websites ourselves.  We have the real and tested know-how, and are ready to help other publishers make best use of it.

Web Publishers, read on!


Revenue Optimization
We spend a lot of time studying Google Ad Exchange, Adsense, Media.net and other networks and RTB platforms. We’re constantly striving to create the best possible environment for the publisher. We also have our own DFP Ad Exchange account.
Usability optimisation
Do you find Visitors leaving your Website soon? Would you like them to make more page views? We know how to encourage users to spend more time on your Website and how to encourage their interaction.

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