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Exit Pop-up – The Only Non-Intrusive Pop-up

First, let’s define exit-popup – It’s popup banner/ message/ box that is displayed once a user intends to leave the website. Technically, we know he intends to leave once his mouse reaches top of the browser- area of location bar where he/ she will either enter a new link/ search term or click back button. This doesn’t work on mobile.

I can see only one flaw of Exit popup – if the user wants to stay on the website and just go back one step with a back button, he isn’t really exiting yet we’re showing the popup.

Exit pop-up is non intrusive. Customer/ User is scrolling away from the content which means he is not consuming/ reading/ watching it any more.

What can Exit popup be used for?

If users like the content they consumed, there’s a chance they want to make “long term relationship” with the website – i.e. they want to follow it on social media and to be notified when new content is published. This is where Exit popup comes into play. It is most often used to invite users to Like Facebook page of the website in question. It is usually that or invitation to subscribe to the newsletter. Newsletter invitations have a much better conversion rate if they are paired with free booklet or some other gift from website to the user.

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Webshop can use Exit pop-up for promotions and discounts. One nice trick is to place an exit popup on checkout pages. A customer who reached checkout is usually interested in completing the process, but for some reason decides to quit. If we catch his attention and direct him to a live person/ live chat or offer extra discount, chances are he will complete the order.

One online tool we use for Exit popups is  Optin Monster.

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