How to bypass adblock detection?

This subject becomes more relevant now that more than 30% of Desktop Browsers in US use Adblocking software. Mobile browsers are currently mostly free from Adblocks but that might change soon.

Publishers use 3 different approaches to get around Adblocks, they:

  1. ask Adblock Users to whitelist their site, otherwise the user won’t be able to see the content. Example is While this is technically easy to implement, not many publishers have guts to do so, and for a good reason. Blocking Adblock users from accessing the content might cause a drop in Number of Visitors.
  2. server side banner solutions – Adblock apps for Browsers operate on browser level, they read and block Javascript files. If banners are sent together with rest of Website content and not via Javascript (providing banners use non-IAB dimensions because the IAB sized banners get recognised and blocked by Adblock) they will get through to the Visitor. Downside – almost all Ad Networks are dependent on Javascript.
  3. detect Adblock users and fill their empty Ad Space with content. Here’s how to detect Adblock user. For example, publisher can fill Affiliate image banners/ links or promote some paid PR news or promote their inhouse products. You can see an example here – check out the right sidebar. With Adblock on you’ll still get a 300×600 affiliate banner.

What are your thoughts on this, how should Publishers fight Adblocks?

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