We’re launching a new Health-related Project

At 234 company – when we’re not engaging in the agency business, then we’re most often doing what publishers do, we publish new stuff.
Our main project- Krenizdravo Website– health related websites with more than 1 million Users a month – has made a lot of success so we decided the time was ripe for transforming it into the international project. Our idea is to translate our most popular articles and to write some new ones.


It’s still a project in progress, not a finished one. We’re experimenting, listening to readers feedback and collecting information.


As an entrepreneur in the publishing industry, I’m personally very excited. This new, international, territory will bring new challenges. 234 team will do their best to adopt. We see challenges as the opportunity to grow while having fun at the same time.
I will be writing an update on Krenizdravo English Version project – the health, beauty & lifestyle website made in 234 factory.

Thanks for your interest,
Gregor (234 CEO)

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